The Causticaire Method for Measuring Cotton-Fiber Maturity and Fineness: Improvement and Evaluation

Robert W. Webb, Samuel T. Burley
1953 unpublished
Excerpts from the report: Percentage of mature fibers in a sample of cotton, as a measure of fiber maturity, has constituted the weakest link in cotton-fiber technology for many years. The use of the generally recognized standard method for determining that measure of fiber maturity constitutes the bottleneck in most cotton-fiber research and testing programs of today. All evidence available at present indicates that the development of the new Causticaire method of test for evaluating
more » ... valuating cotton-fiber maturity and fiber fineness constitutes a notable step forward in fiber technology. The Causticaire method is, by principle and operation, unique in that only a combination of Micronaire readings for raw cotton (untreated) and the same cotton treated with sodium hydroxide (40 Tw) is required for deriving the two measures of cotton-fiber maturity and fineness.
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.309971 fatcat:cmorgmowtrdotl23fwxxtlaotq