from The Romance of Siam

Jai Ravine, White Love
2016 unpublished
"White Love," "Backpackers," "Backpackers 2: [White Goes East]" and "Erase Every Trace" are excerpts from THE ROMANCE OF SIAM, which is forthcoming from Timeless, Infinite Light in 2016. This book is a subverted travel guide that interrogates the desire white people have to lose and reinvent themselves in Thailand. I track how this "white love" manifests in the tourism industry, popular American media and the western imaginary. As a person of Thai and white descent, my attempts to connect to
more » ... iland as a place or cultural identity are completely colonized by white desire. Writing this book and performing its texts has been a way for me to utilize parody, satire and the obsessive form of the sestina to try to decolonize that relationship.. Streetnotes (2016) 24: 162-169 163