PWM Contol of High Gain Sepic Boost Converter With Coupled Inductor and Charge Pump Capacitor

Reshma, Renjini
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The demand for Electrical energy is increasing with the advancement of Technology. The distributed generation based system with renewable energy resources have rapidly developed in recent years. These distributed generation systems are powered by sources such as fuel cell, photovoltaic (PV) systems and batteries. This consists of two conversion stages, in the first stage the low level voltage from the PV cell is converted to high level voltage by using a dc-dc converter. In the second stage the
more » ... he second stage the high level dc voltage is converted into AC voltage by using inverter. To attain the high energy demand requirements the efficiency of the systems must be increased. The energy demand requirements can be achieved by increasing the gain of the converter. The paper introduces a high gain boost converter which is derived from basic the single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) topology. The proposed converter achieves high gain by using coupled inductor and charge pump capacitor. The regenerative snubber helps to attain zero voltage and zero current switching (zvs and zcs) conditions, which improve the converter efficiency. The proposed converter also inherits the SEPIC advantage of continuous input current.