Strong coupling between excitons in J-aggregates and waveguide modes in thin polymer films

Tal Ellenbogen, Paul Steinvurzel, Kenneth B. Crozier
2011 Applied Physics Letters  
We observe a large room temperature Rabi splitting for the transverse electric (190 meV) and transverse magnetic (125 meV) waveguide modes of a thin polymer film doped with J-aggregating dye, indicating strong coupling between propagating light modes and localized molecular excitons. We show that the difference in the measured splitting results from the different field distribution of the cross polarized modes. Numerical simulations indicate that the exciton-waveguide modes are as strongly
more » ... ed as exciton-surface plasmon polaritons supported by the same system.
doi:10.1063/1.3604014 fatcat:k3ehqr2ikbhn3dpr2hjvruxiby