Dr. Anwar Khan, Dr. Hamzullah Khan
2016 The Professional Medical Journal  
ORIGINAL PROF-3136 ABSTRACT... Objectives: To determine the relation of leptin, hypertension and body mass index with pre-eclampsia in the 3 rd trimester of pregnancy in a hospital based study. Design: descriptive observational study. Setting: three teaching hospital of Peshawar, Khyber teaching hospital, Hayatabad medical complex and lady reading hospital Peshawar. Duration: June 2012-dec 2012. Inclusion criteria: all women in their third trimester without any co-morbidity. Exclusion criteria:
more » ... were all diabetic and first and 2 nd trimester pregnant ladies. Procedure: relevant information on height, weight, body mass index (BMI), pulse, blood pressure and leptin were recorded on a predesigned questionnaire prepared in accordance with the objectives of the study. Data was analyzed in MS-Excel. Results: A total of 80 pregnant ladies included. Majority of the patients were in the age range of 17-26 years of age. Maximum number 30(37.5%) of patients were in weight ranging 66-75 kg. We observed maximum number of patients were normotensive systolic BP 110-130mmHg (47%). About 43% of patients had BP>140mmHg up to 200mmHg. 6% had Diasatolic BP between 130-140mmHg. 23.5% had BMI>32.6. 38% had BMI between 27.62-32.62. We observed that majority of the patients were in the leptin serum range of 229.57-329.57. 7.75% had serum leptin level above 329 with a maximum of 829.6 in one patient at top in data. Conclusion: Serum leptin level in pregnancy increases in third trimester with a determined relation of serum leptin level with gestaional hypertension and preeclampsia. Article Citation: Khan A, Khan H. Pre-Eclampsia; Leptin in pre-eclampsia in third trimester of pregnancy; A hospital based trial. Professional Med J 2016;23(2):156-160.
doi:10.17957/tpmj/16.3136 fatcat:jzgyu5m42fbnxfkvquuigmhw7q