Predicting serum gastrin levels among men during Ramadan fasting

M Z A Nomani, A H Khan, M M Shahda, A K Nomani, S A Sattar
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal  
Increased gastric acidity is common when fasting during Ramadan. Our study aimed to develop a regression equation to predict fasting serum gastrin levels using parameters commonly analysed in clinical laboratories. Fasting blood samples from six men were taken on days 1, 10, 19, 26 and 28 of Ramadan. Serum gastrin, total cholesterol, urea and uric acid were analysed. All 5 samples from each man were included in multiple regression analysis and the prediction equation obtained was: serum
more » ... pg/mL = 198.27-0.199 total cholesterol (mg/dL) + 2.525 urea (mg/dL)--103.238 uric acid (mg/dL) + 10.923 uric acid (mg/dL)2 + 3.683 body mass index, r2 = 0.75, P < 0.001. This equation might be used to estimate gastrin levels and plan dietary and medicinal measures to avoid high gastric acidity during Ramadan.
pmid:16532680 fatcat:5v3rlaprvnbrpcqycz27njvzgq