From Design to Implementation: an Automated, Credible Autocoding Chain for Control Systems [article]

Timothy Wang and Romain Jobredeaux and Heber Herencia and Pierre-Loic Garoche and Arnaud Dieumegard and Eric Feron and Marc Pantel
2013 arXiv   pre-print
This article describes a fully automated, credible autocoding chain for control systems. The framework generates code, along with guarantees of high level functional properties which can be independently verified. It relies on domain specific knowledge and fomal methods of analysis to address a context of heightened safety requirements for critical embedded systems and ever-increasing costs of verification and validation. The platform strives to bridge the semantic gap between domain expert and
more » ... code verification expert. First, a graphical dataflow language is extended with annotation symbols enabling the control engineer to express high level properties of its control law within the framework of a familiar language. An existing autocoder is enhanced to both generate the code implementing the initial design, but also to carry high level properties down to annotations at the level of the code. Finally, using customized code analysis tools, certificates are generated which guarantee the correctness of the annotations with respect to the code, and can be verified using existing static analysis tools. Only a subset of properties and controllers are handled at this point.
arXiv:1307.2641v2 fatcat:xnwryfrf5nfo3f6n7627ipxynq