Development of a Difference Sampling Tool Utilizing Spatial Data ID Numbers to Evaluate the Quality of Data Updates

2010 Theory and Applications of GIS  
The continued development of GIS requires that spatial data be edited reliably. However, methods to manage the quality of spatial data during updates have not been established, the result being that effort put into the update is not connected to an overall improvement in data quality. Recognizing this problem, a method of evaluating the quality of specific cases is researched, and a tool developed for practical use. While the quality evaluation of the update process involves two steps, the
more » ... ing of the update results and the quality evaluation of those results, this research implements a practical method of prioritizing the first of these steps, then categorizing patterns in the differences before and after the update, and presenting the results of the difference sampling with an assigned ID. The tool developed for this research was used on the results of data updated in a local government project, and it was determined that the quality did not achieve the quality requested by the contractor, and that the results of this research could contribute to the overall quality of spatial data as it is updated.
doi:10.5638/thagis.18.109 fatcat:sx6ugi5wwrgt5l6jbhiqh5ysc4