The computation of the pitch damping stability derivatives of supersonic blunt cones using unsteady sensitivity equations

Chenxi Guo, Yu-xin Ren
2019 Advances in Aerodynamics  
The numerical methods for computing the stability derivatives of the aircraft by solving unsteady sensitivity equations which was proposed in our previous papers was extended to solve three-dimensional problems in this paper. Both the static and dynamic derivatives of the hypersonic blunt cone undergoing pitching oscillation around a fixed point were computed using the new methods. The predicted static derivative and dynamic derivative were found to be in reasonable agreement with the
more » ... al data. For the present method, it is possible to distinguish the components of dynamic derivatives caused by different state parameters. It is found that C m _ α and C m q are usually of opposite signs and tend to eliminate each other, which makes C m _ α þ C m q being much smaller than its individual components. Another feature of this method is that the moment of pressure derivatives proposed in the present paper can be used to predict the contribution of each part of the blunt cone to the overall stability quantitatively. It is found that the head region is crucial for the static stability and the body region contributes most to the dynamic stability.
doi:10.1186/s42774-019-0018-3 fatcat:7cdic3rabzd6fefqx64amiehhy