Multifrequency Astrophysics (A pillar of an interdisciplinary approach for the knowledge of the physics of our Universe)

Franco Giovannelli, Lola Sabau-Graziati
2018 Proceedings of XII Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources Workshop — PoS(MULTIF2017)   unpublished
We will discuss the importance of the "Multifrequency Astrophysics" as a pillar of an interdisciplinary approach for the knowledge of the physics of our Universe. Indeed, as largely demonstrated in the last decades, only with the multifrequency observations of cosmic sources it is possible to get near the whole behaviour of a source and then to approach the physics governing the phenomena that originate such a behaviour. In spite of this, a multidisciplinary approach in the study of each kind
more » ... phenomenon occurring in each kind of cosmic source is even more powerful than a simple "astrophysical approach". A clear example of a multidisciplinary approach is that of "The Bridge between the Big Bang and Biology". This bridge can be described by using the competences of astrophysicists, planetary physicists, atmospheric physicists, geophysicists, volcanologists, biophysicists, biochemists, and astrobiophysicists. The unification of such competences can provide the intellectual framework that will better enable an understanding of the physics governing the formation and structure of cosmic objects, apparently uncorrelated with one another, that on the contrary constitute the steps necessary for life (e.g. Giovannelli, 2001). Indeed, a lot of the future research in astrophysics will be focussed on the discovery of exoplanets and on the possibility to detect signals for alien life somewhere in the Galaxy. An extension to a multidisciplinary approach is coming from the use of historical news reported in "old chronicle" that are a fundamental source for the newborn "archaeoastronomy". In this paper we will provide several example that marked the continuous evolution on the knowledge of the physics of our Universe.
doi:10.22323/1.306.0001 fatcat:5lmxndp565erranknwc23coeti