Pemotongan Sapi Betina Produktif di Rumah Potong Hewan di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Nur Rasminati
2016 Sains Peternakan  
<div class="WordSection1"><p>The research was conducted to know the number of the productive female beef cattle slaughtering at abattoir in DIY. All of the beef cattle which slaughtered along a month were used in this research. The result showed that the number of productive beef cattle slaughtered up to 2 years old were 28.98%; 2 – 5 years old were 69.55%; more than 5 years old were 1.44%. The female beef cattle slaughtered were 54.58% and the male beef cattle slaughtered were 32.36%. The non
more » ... roductive beef cattle slaughtered were 13.04% including 5.79% male and 7.24% female. The Peranakan Ongole (PO) breed slaughtered was 60.36% (125 heads), Brahman Cross 16.42% (34 heads), Simmental 15.94% (33 heads), Brangus 2.42% (5 heads), Limousine 4.35% (9 heads) and PFH 0.48% (1 heads). The percentage of productive beef cattle slaughtering were 86.95% with female beef productive were 64.25% and the PO breed at 2 – 5 years old were the most slaughtered. It could be concluded that the productive female beef cattle slaughtering at abattoir in DIY was quite high, which may influence the breed resources of beef cattle.</p><p> </p><p>Key words : Productive beef cattle, slaughtering, abattoir, Yogyakarta</p></div><br clear="all" />
doi:10.20961/sainspet.7.1.20-24 fatcat:7gcl55gjv5hjhdtls2a4pl6s4u