Advances in Large Grain Resonators for the European XFEL

W. Singer, S. Aderhold, J. Iversen, G. Kreps, A. Matheisen, X. Singer, K. Twarowski, H. Weise, M. Pekeler, F. Scholz, B. Spaniol, E. Stiedl (+3 others)
An overview of the activities within the DESY test program of 1.3 GHz TESLA shape 9-cell Large Grain (LG) resonators for the European XFEL, which have taken place in last 4 years, is presented. Attention is devoted to development of LG disc production and cavity fabrication from this material, focusing in particular on aspects of production at reasonable accuracy and costs. More than 200 LG discs were manufactured, eleven 9-cell resonators produced, partially treated at the company Research
more » ... ompany Research Instruments (RI) (former ACCEL) and finally treated and RF tested at DESY. Two of the LG cavities are currently used in the FLASH accelerator operation, which is the best demonstration of the feasibility of the LG application. The program compares large grain material with standard sheet niobium. Some data and perspectives of the LG application are discussed.
doi:10.1063/1.3580639 fatcat:fdooyestffdatpjcgkw7dzzqy4