A New Generation Chemical Flooding Simulator

A. John, C. Han, M. Delshad, G.A. Pope, K. Sepehrnoori
2004 Proceedings of SPE/DOE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery   unpublished
The premise of this research is that a general-purpose reservoir simulator for several improved oil recovery processes can and should be developed so that highresolution simulations of a variety of very large and difficult problems can be achieved using state-of-the-art algorithms and computers. Such a simulator is not currently available to the industry. The goal of this proposed research is to develop a newgeneration chemical flooding simulator that is capable of efficiently and accurately
more » ... y and accurately simulating oil reservoirs with at least a million gridblocks in less than one day on massively parallel computers. Task 1 is the formulation and development of solution scheme, Task 2 is the implementation of the chemical module, and Task 3 is validation and application. We have made significant progress on all three tasks and we are on schedule on both technical and budget. In this report, we will detail our progress on Tasks 1 through 3 for the first half of the third year of the project.
doi:10.2523/89436-ms fatcat:d2nimu756zdnlgrnolwppr4qty