Pneumonia Treated by Ice Cold Applications

W. Fred. Jackson
1892 Scientific American  
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, No. 880 14069 the anterior caudals, except the first, supported very be prepared for the prevailinl;\' ailments of the colder I most marked on the left side, was quite convalescent long chevrons, indicating a high, thin tail, well adapted seasons, must do a little thinkmg about it during the on the third day. to swimming. The tail was quite long, and the distal warmer months, and perhaps draw somewhat upon the A laborer, 34 years of age, with consolidation of
more » ... onsolidation of right caudals were very short. last winter's experience of himself and others. base, delirious, and much oppressed for breath, re-The scapular arch of Ceratosaurus is of moderate The fact that so many and various treatments are quired but two days' attendance. size, but the fore limbs are very small. The humerus advised for pneumonia shows either that a really feasi-A bride, 22 years of age, who had been undergoing is short, with a strong radial crest. The radius and ble and successful treatment is not generally recognized the usual round of festivities, awoke, after a particu ulna are also very short, and nearly equal in size. The or that, as Dr. Osler tells us, the disease is practically larly fatiguing party, in a feverish and lethargic state. carpal bones were only imperfectly ossified. There uninfluenced for good by any treatment whatever, be-Called immediately, I stated the probability of pneu were four digits in the fore foot, and all were armed yond general principles. monia ensuing. After twenty-four hours there was the with sharp claws. The second and third digits were Upon the clear recognition of the morbid processes characteristic fine crepitation and stitchy feelinK to much larger than the first and fourth, and the fifth at work in the system, causing pneumonia and its the breathing; temperature, 105i-° F.; pulse, 130. Ice was entirely wanting. series of phenomena, must rest the formulation of a cold compresses aborted the lung lesion entirely, and The pelvic arch of Ceratosaurus is of special in-rational and successful line of treatment for this dis-produced a critical perspiration in thirty hours, at tel' est. In the type specimen here restored, the ilium, ease. which time the norm was reached and persisted. ischium, and pubis, on each side, are firmly co-ossified. The war which ha.s raged about the treatment of this There is no need to enlarge these details. The cases The ilia, moreover, are attached to the sacrum, which prevalent and often very fatal complaint has seen the are all down in my case-book, and they all bear the was in place in the skeleton. The ilia have the same banners of venesection � antimony, squills, opium, am-record that from the time the cold was applied rapid general form as in Megalosaurus. The ischia are monia, alcohol, heat ana cold, expectancy and heroism, im2rovement ensued. comparatively slender. They project well backward, with many others of lesser following, scour the field in The method was as follows: A large towel was and for the last half of their length the two are in close serried array, with many ups and downs, in the fight wrung out of ice water, and the thorax enveloped in apposition. Their distal ends are co-ossified and ex-for favor at the hands of the profession. And latterly, it. A comparatively dry towel was laid over it, and a panded, as shown in plate VII. the coal tar derivatives, with their specious promises binder of flannel or cotton held all snug. The ice-The pubes have their distal ends co-ossified. and ex-of cooling the fevered brow, have won for the time a water towel was changed as often as necessary, in pand into an elongate, massive foot, which is one of position in which strategy has had more effect than order to ease the pain and reduce the temperature. the most characteristic parts of the skeleton. It is prob-solid fighting capacity. When the pain or dyspncea was severe, or the tempe able that this foot in connection with the distal ends That pneumonia is a specific fever, in which the rature high, the intervals would be short, say five or of the ischia served to support the body in sitting lesion of the pulmonary tissue is but an incident, is not ten minutes. As the symptoms improved, the changes down. That some Triassic Dinosaurs sat down on I believe sufficiently recognized. Upon this one fact were made only as the towels assumed the heat of the their ischia is proved conclusively by the impressions rests, I am firmly convinced, the rational and successful body. The face and limbs were frequently sponged in the Connecticut River sandstone. In such cases treatment of this, which is pre-eminently the disease of with the ice water, and when required a cold compress the leg was bent so as to bring the heel to the ground. our colder months. was put upon the brow. The same action in the present reptile would bring the In all cases the general febrile condition is initiated The medication was confined to promoting a critical foot of the pubes to the ground, nearly or quite under and in full progress in advance of the lung lesion. The perspiration. This was effected by large doses of liquor the center of gravity of the animal. The legs and prompt recognition of the morbid process at work ren-I ammonii acetatis and spiritus etheris nitrosi, well dilu
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11121892-14069asupp fatcat:wc6j63thi5dltja7z7mcvf32cy