Modelling and analysis of an 80-MW parabolic trough concentrated solar power plant in Sudan

Abdallah Adil Awad Bashir, Mustafa Özbey
2022 Clean Energy  
Concentrated solar power plants can play a significant role in alleviating Sudan's energy crisis. These plants can be established and implemented in Sudan, as their potential is considerably high due to the climate conditions in Sudan. This study investigates the design of a parabolic trough concentrated solar power plant in Sudan and analyzes its technical and economic feasibility. The simulation of the plant's model used System Advisor Model (SAM) software. To determine the best location for
more » ... he construction of the plant, data from 15 cities in Sudan were compared with each other based on their solar radiation and land properties. Wadi Halfa, a city in the northern region of Sudan, was chosen as the location due to its good topographical properties and climate conditions. The results show that the proposed plant can generate 281.145 GWh of electricity annually with a capacity factor of 40.1% and an overall efficiency of 15%. Additionally, a simple cost analysis of the plant indicates a levelized cost of electricity of 0.155 $/kWh. As the study results are consistent with the characteristics of similar plants, the proposed plant is considered technically and economically feasible under the conditions at its location.
doi:10.1093/ce/zkac032 fatcat:dlvp3gf7lzhkbb3crvxot5vl34