Trait Ratings for the Radboud Faces Database [post]

Bastian Jaeger
2018 unpublished
Since its publication, the Radboud Faces Database (RaFD; Langner et al., 2010) has become one of the most widely used face databases. At the time of writing, it has been cited more than 900 times. The database includes validation data such as rated genuineness, clarity, and intensity of the displayed facial expression. Ratings of models' attractiveness based on their neutral, frontal gaze image is also available and age data for most models can be found at
more » ... .nl/rafd-ratings/. These ratings are useful for researchers who want to (a) select models who score particularly low or high on a certain characteristic, (b) ensure that different image sets do not significantly differ on certain characteristics, or (c) control for these characteristics in statistical analyses. Here, additional trait ratings for all 39 models of the RaFD's Caucasian Adult Subset (neutral expression, frontal gaze) are presented. The models were rated on nine trait dimensions: trustworthiness, dominance, attractiveness, competence, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:jaitn6kfijastcuxech53bqrca