Relaxation and Clustering in a Local Search Framework: Application to Linear Placement

Sung-Woo Hur, John Lillis
2002 VLSI design (Print)  
This paper presents two primary results relevant t o p h ysical design problems in CAD VLSI through a case study of the linear placement problem. First a local search mechanism which incorporates a neighborhood operator based on constraint relaxation is proposed. The strategy exhibits many of the desirable features of analytical placement while retaining the exibility and non-determinism of local search. The second and orthogonal contribution is in netlist clustering. We c haracterize local
more » ... ma in the linear placement problem through a simple visualization tool the displacement graph. This characterization reveals the relationship between clusters and local optima and motivates a dynamic clustering scheme designed speci cally for escaping such local optima. Promising experimental results are reported. _ ___________________________
doi:10.1080/10655140290010060 fatcat:asngxdo5rvgstpfe4hlxonydz4