Media-TCP: A Quality-Centric TCP-Friendly Congestion Control for Multimedia Transmission [article]

Hsien-Po Shiang, Mihaela van der Schaar
2009 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a quality-centric congestion control for multimedia streaming over IP networks, which we refer to as media-TCP. Unlike existing congestion control schemes that adapt a user's sending rate merely to the network condition, our solution adapts the sending rate to both the network condition and the application characteristics by explicitly considering the distortion impacts, delay deadlines, and interdependencies of different video packet classes. Hence, our media-aware
more » ... ution is able to provide differential services for transmitting various packet classes and thereby, further improves the multimedia streaming quality. We model this problem using a Finite-Horizon Markov Decision Process (FHMDP) and determine the optimal congestion control policy that maximizes the long-term multimedia quality, while adhering to the horizon- TCP-friendliness constraint, which ensures long-term fairness with existing TCP applications. We show that the FHMDP problem can be decomposed into multiple optimal stopping problems, which admit a low-complexity threshold-based solution. Moreover, unlike existing congestion control approaches, which focus on maintaining throughput-based fairness among users, the proposed media-TCP aims to achieve quality-based fairness among multimedia users. We also derive sufficient conditions for multiple multimedia users to achieve quality-based fairness using media-TCP congestion control. Our simulation results show that the proposed media-TCP achieves more than 3dB improvement in terms of PSNR over the conventional TCP congestion control approaches, with the largest improvements observed for real-time streaming applications requiring stringent playback delays.
arXiv:0910.4186v1 fatcat:t3cej6p4kvbvzdfzf4tkuxkzrm