ScholarWorks at UMass Boston Instructional Design Capstones Collection Instructional Design Graduate Program Five Potential Barriers to LMS Usage Five Potential Barriers to LMS Usage

John Contrado
This paper began as a needs assessment investigating low Learning Management System (LMS) usage at a worldwide technology corporation. Subsequently, the company in question underwent a number of personnel changes and decide to forgo the needs assessment. As such, this paper became a review of research literature related to LMS usage barriers, with the intentions of identifying potential causes of low LMS usage in corporate environments. The review of the existing literature identified five
more » ... dentified five major potential barriers to LMS usage. Because of the nature of the process, these are generalized broad barriers that can easily be identified and discovered in diverse scenarios. It posits that all five of the issues need to be resolved before a robust learning environment can be established. Any one barrier is significant enough to create usage issues. Generalized recommendations are made, but a needs assessment should be run before any real-world action is taken to resolve similar issues. Broad barriers consequently generate broad recommendations; any organization seeking to resolve similar issues will need to customize their solutions accordingly.