Title: Fallacy of Multiculturalism in Fallacy of Multiculturalism in The Black Album

Hasan Boynukara, Cengz Karagöz, Gyanabati Khuraijam, Yumnam Singh, Hasan Boynukara
Gyanabati An International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences An Indexed & Refereed e-Journal   unpublished
Multiculturalism, which emerged and gained significance as a result of increasing numbers of immigrants arriving in the Western countries, has been one of the most discussed issues since the second half of the twentieth century. These first and second generation immigrants have caused certain changes to come into existence in many aspects of the Western communities. After their arrival, they have often faced serious problems such as violent attacks, insulting looks and being behaved like
more » ... rs in those lands. As a Pakistani immigrant who has most probably observed the British citizens' discrimination and racism against the immigrants in the British society, Hanif Kureishi often deals with the problems and whether the second generation immigrants' adaptation to a foreign Western setting like Britain is possible. The aim of this study is to reveal Kureishi's views on the British society's treatment toward the immigrants and their culture in the light of multiculturalism and its possibility not only in theoretical but also in practical terms by means of making references to the characters and events in The Black Album.