Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Breathing Exercises and Heart Rate Exercises Based on In-Depth Regression Equations

Jinchan Min, Qiangyi Li
2022 Advances in Multimedia  
For the purpose of research, the maximum oxygen uptake of exercise training breathing and heart rate constructed based on the deep learning regression equation learn about the effects of training breathing and heart rate on VO2 max. Based on 77 healthy adults without chronic diseases (37 men and 40 women, aged 20–39 years old), who participate in two exercise tests (the first time is a direct test and the second time is a secondary quantitative load plan), in order to establish a second-level
more » ... antitative load scheme for power vehicles, the predictive equation for predicting the maximum oxygen uptake. The author researched and established a stable heart rate HRH based on gender, BMI, and second-level load; the second-level load RPE and R P E 1 are independent variables, the absolute value of the subject's maximum oxygen uptake is the regression equation of the dependent variable. The experimental results prove that the reliability and validity of the second-level quantitative load scheme for power vehicles are better and can be used as the maximum oxygen uptake in the laboratory, directly tested with alternative submaximal solutions, and used for large-scale investigation of maximum oxygen uptake data. At the same time, since the load is submaximal, it can also be used to clinically assess the patient's cardiorespiratory endurance.
doi:10.1155/2022/9664346 fatcat:4qfrva7czrddhcbpviensgkilm