Real-time Conflict Resolution Algorithm for Multi-UAV Based on Model Predict Control

Hao-xiang Chen, Ying Nan, Yi Yang
2019 Algorithms  
A real-time conflict resolution algorithm based on model predictive control (MPC) is introduced to address the flight conflict resolution problem in multi-UAV scenarios. Using a low-level controller, the UAV dynamic equations are abstracted into simpler unicycle kinematic equations. The neighboring UAVs exchange their predicted trajectories at each sample time to predict the conflicts. Then, under the predesignated resolution rule and strategy, decentralized coordination and cooperation are
more » ... ormed to resolve the predicted conflicts. The controller structure of the distributed nonlinear model predictive control (DNMPC) is designed to predict potential conflicts and calculate control variables for each UAV. Numerical simulations of multi-UAV coordination are performed to verify the performance of the proposed algorithm. Results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can resolve the conflicts sufficiently in real time, while causing no further conflicts.
doi:10.3390/a12020047 fatcat:sgzyurml3nf5zbcodulphpbewy