First Experiment of S π RIT-TPC at SAMURAI in RIKEN-RIBF

Mizuki Kurata-nishimura
2017 Proceedings of The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference — PoS(INPC2016)   unpublished
Investigation of nuclear Equation of State (EoS) is an attractive subject not only for nuclear physics but also astrophysics. The SAMURAI Pion-Reconstruction and Ion-Tracker-Time-Projection Chamber (SπRIT-TPC) project is proposed to investigate isospin symmetry dependence of nuclear EoS at supra-saturation density using heavy ion collisions. The first experiments of SπRIT-TPC were performed at SAMURAI spectrometer in RIBF-BigRIPS, RIKEN. For systematic studies, neutron rich and deficient Sn
more » ... s, 132,124,112,108 Sn, impinging on stable 112,124 Sn isotopes with 300 MeV/u were employed. Observables of π − , π + , n, p, t, and 3 He, which are predicted to be sensitive to the symmetry energy, were measured. The correlation between the reconstructed vertex and beam track and the target indicated success of track reconstructions and synchronization of two DAQ systems.
doi:10.22323/1.281.0218 fatcat:7tkhxix4zbcehcb4qd6bxjzwta