Sympatho-vagal correlates of transient ischemia in ambulatory patients

F. Jager, G.B. Moody, G. Antolic, D. Masic, R.G. Mark
Computers in Cardiology 1997  
I n this paper 'we test the hypothesis that isolated-episode temporal patterns of ST changes result f r o m sporadic physical activity and increased oxygen demand, and that salvo patterns are due t o vascular/endothelial factors in the context of coronary vasoconstrictions or vasospasms. W e used a n adaptive autoregressive method to study frequencydomain sympatho-vagal correlates of neuro-autonomic control during transient ischemia for two very different groups of records in the European
more » ... y of Cardiology ST-T database: a group of records containing isolated ST episodes, and a group of records containing salvos of ST episodes. W e conclude that increased sympathetic tone preceds isolated but not salvo-type ischemic episodes, and m a y be associated with triggering events.
doi:10.1109/cic.1997.647914 fatcat:xh25yq5dwrfqlgk7ie5vptagam