Low cost HF receiver using π-constellations, soft convolutional turbo decoder and real channel estimator

F. Hamon, M. Lecomte, M. Testard
MILCOM 1999. IEEE Military Communications. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.99CH36341)  
In order to define a multicarriers waveform for High Frequency military radio communications we analyze new digital techniques. The HF channel is characterized by multi-path propagation and Doppler effects which affect the bit error rat e. A good way to fight jointly against intersymbol interferences and fading environment without increasing the frequency band is to introduce modulation diversity (m constellation) in a multicarriers system. The aim of this paper is to show that such a system
more » ... at such a system associated with a real channel estimator and soft decoder (convolutional turbo decoder) can increase sensitively the transmission performance comparatively to classical modulation. We also demonstrate that a well suited soft decision suboptimal receiver matched to modulation diversity can keep reasonable complexity.
doi:10.1109/milcom.1999.822697 fatcat:w5hex5bbxnavrg6rexu4rjzqwm