Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD, GOULDING, FL

there was a head-end collision between a passenger train and a yard engine on the Louis ville & Nashville Railroad at Gouldmg, Fla., resulting m the death of two employees and the injury of five employees, Location and method of operation. This accident occurred on a subdivision of the Pensacola Division extending between Flonaton, Ala., and Pennacola, Fla., a distance of 43,75 miles; at the point of accident this is a single-track line over which trains are operated by tine-table and train
more » ... table and train orders, no block-signal system being m use. The rules require trains in the sane direction to keep at least 10 minutes apart. The accident occurred within yard limits at Goaiding at a switch leading from the main track to an industry track. This la a facmgpomt s atch, with the switch stand located on the engineman's side of a southbound tram, anc 1 leads off the mam track to the right. Approaching from the north the track is tangent for several miles. The grade for soutnbound trams is descending for 3,958 feet, varying from 0.33 to 0.02 per cent. It was dark, and the weather was clear at the time of tne accident, which occurred at about 6.40 p.m. Description. Yard engine 663, m charge of Foreman Gouldmg and Engine-nan McMillan, coupled to six cars, ,7as pulling out on the main track and had reached a point between the frog and switch points when it was struck by tram No. 17. Southbound second-class train No 17 consisted cf one combination baggage and v ail car, and t ra coaches, all deadhead equipment, hauled by engine 383, and ;as in cnarge of Conductor Edge and Engineman million. This tram left Flonaton, its initial station, at 5.30 p.r , 5 nours and 30 minutes late, headed m at the open switch at Couldmg, and collided with engine 663 while traveling at a speed estimat ed to have been between 20 and 35 miles an hour.
doi:10.21949/1507107 fatcat:jmztn7o7q5b7vjzoyas4cp6nw4