The Fully Digital Controlled Corrector Magnet Power Converter with a Shunt as a Current Sensing Component

Bao Sheng Wang, Chen Yao Liu, Kuo Bin Liu
2014 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
In Taiwan light source (TLS), Bira's MCOR30 power converter modules are adopted as the corrector magnet power converters, the output is regulated by analog PWM IC that caused nonlinear behavior at zero cross and the adjustment of compensator for different kind of magnet load is inconvenient. To fulfill digital regulation control, the analog regulation IC of Bira's MCOR30 is replaced by a fully digital regulation control circuit. With plugging the homemade fully digital regulation control card
more » ... tion control card into MCOR30 that the current sensing component is a shunt that save cost of the power converter, the switching losses and output current ripple were reduced and stability of output current is improved. With the fully digital regulation control circuit, the parameters of the compensator for different magnet load are very easy to adjust. In addition, the feasibility and validity of MOSFET switching algorism is simulated with MATLAB Simulink and the performance of this power converter is verified, the output current ripple of this power converter could be within 10ppm, which is beyond the requirement of current TLS corrector power converter and qualified to be used in the future TPS facility.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:gmhoaeg6irf65nt7fxr57dg6ay