MATERIALS AND METHOD Plant material The stems and leaves of Clerodendron multiflorum Full Paper

Sneha Anarthe, Rasika Bhalke, Kamesh Swami, Devi Nambiar, An Journal
2007 unpublished
Comparative anthelmintic activity of leaves and stems of Clerodendron multiflorum (Verbenaceae) Linn. Clerodendron multiflorum; Pheritima posthuma; In-vitro anthelmintic activity; Venabenaceae. KEYWORDS ABSTRACT All the extracts from the leaves and stems of Clerodendron multiflorum (Verbenaceae) were investigated for their anthelmintic activity against Pheritima posthuma. Each extract was studied for their dose dependant activity (20mg/ml, 40mg/ml, 60 mg/ml), which involved determination of the
more » ... etermination of the time of paralysis and time of death of the worms. The potency of extracts for the anthelmintic activity of stem and leaves of Clerodendron multiflorum was found to be methanolic extract>pet ether extract >chloroform extract>acetone extract. The methanol extract of both the parts i.e. stem and leaves were found to be more active. The stems of Clerodendron multiflorum showed more potent activity as compare to leaves. Albendazole (20mg/ml) and distilled water were included in the assay as standard drug and control, respectively. 