XCI.—Homonucleal tri-derivatives of naphthalene

Raphael Meldola, Frederick William Streatfeild
1895 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
SIXCE the last communication on this subject (Trans., 1892, 765) the investiga,tion has been carried on during all available opportunities, and results have been obtained which appear t o us sufficiently interesting to warrant, our offering another instalment t o the Society. Dibromonitroizaphthalene, CloH,Br*NO,.Br = 1 : 2 : 4, rn. $7. 117O.-A considerabje quantity of this compound, which was briefly described in the previous communication (p. 769), has been prepared and some of its
more » ... studied. Analysis of a specimen purified by crystallisation from alcohol gave the following results.
doi:10.1039/ct8956700907 fatcat:cb3tm74bmjao5ndurzyqnvxnee