Model Based Solver Application MBSA For Manufacturing Industries

2015 Third International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Production Techniques - MAPT 2015   unpublished
 Abstract -Problem solving is a fundamental element in retaining and achieving operational excellence of a manufacturing industry. There are numerous problem solving models are being used widely but the problem is to determine an optimal or a poka-yoke solution according to the constraints of respective manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, optimal solution for problems has become a great challenge in view of the fact that existing problem solving model is highly vague where at times it is
more » ... g neglected either due to ineffective or too complex. This leads to individual getting confused and not able to devote their time successfully on any of the problem solving models. The most common approach of problem solving model is via trial-error or insight pattern where problems are being tackled and resolved in a quick manner, which it eventually contains the problem, instead of identifying the actual root cause and resolve the problem for good. The paper will discuss on a newly developed model based solver application, which is capable to determine the optimal solution in industries mainly to avoid any repeated equipment breakdown occurrences, quality issues, and high spare maintenance spending.
doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-059-0-69 fatcat:p3oo52mcj5fjzitw364jffmm2y