Focus on Brexit 2: just how prepared are we?

2019 The Veterinary Record  
WHAT will happen with Brexit? At the time of going to press there were still many unknowns. The legal default was that the UK would leave the EU at 11pm on 31 October, and the government was continuing to insist that a no-deal Brexit was possible. Parliament will sit this Saturday in what could be one of the most important Commons sessions in the Brexit saga. In a bid to examine the impact of leaving the EU without a deal, Vet Record last week analysed implications and preparedness across three
more » ... edness across three major areas -trade, medicines and the Irish border (VR, 12 October 2019, vol 185, pp 429-432). This week, in the second and final part of this series, we turn our attention to workforce, animal travel, animal welfare, and education and research. For each, we have also identified three questions and provided answers obtained at the time of going to press either from an official source, a government department or expert adviser. We have also provided a traffic light 'score' to indicate our assessment of readiness (with green indicating 'ready', red 'not ready' and amber somewhere in between). This is not a definitive judgement, there being so many unknowns, and so much being subjective, but it is based on multiple conversations with different sources close to the issues at hand. Read on for our in depth assessment of the state of play. 463-467 brexit feature part 2.indd 463 Does the UK have a sufficient number of vets to meet demand? No. Vets are on the Shortage Occupation List for a reason -an independent group of academics looked at all the data and has officially confirmed that the UK is currently short of vets. 463-467 brexit feature part 2.indd 465
doi:10.1136/vr.l6084 pmid:31628229 fatcat:ytvtsy2mozf7riozmgsv27blza