NEON NIST data science evaluation challenge: methods and results of team Conor [post]

Conor A McMahon
2018 unpublished
The NIST DSE Plant Identification challenge is a new periodic competition focused on improving and generalizing remote sensing processing methods for forest landscapes. To compete in the competition, I created a pipeline to perform three remote sensing tasks. First, a NDVI- and height-thresholded watershed segmentation was performed to identify individual tree crowns using LIDAR height measurements. Second, remote sensing data for segmented crowns was aligned with ground measurements by
more » ... the set of pairings which minimized error in position and in crown area as predicted by stem height. Third, species classification was performed by reducing the dataset's dimensionality through PCA and then constructing a set of maximum likelihood classifiers to estimate species likelihoods for each tree. Of the three algorithms, the classification routine exhibited the strongest relative performance, with the segmentation algorithm performing the least well.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.26977 fatcat:asnhl5vsxrhl3pejok2fatnwua