Role of Urethral Dilation in Females with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Girish Pathak, Vishal Kalia, Naveen Sahu
2017 International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research   unpublished
Urinary tract infection is a trivial problem suffered by women these days. Dilation of female urethera is most commonly performed in patients with urinary tract infection. Out of these almost 25% suffer from recurrence of this disease after complete treatment. According to a survey every 1 in 3 women has been treated for urinary tract infection by the age of 24 years. In this article we discuss the most common presenting symptom of recurrent urinary tract infection and their management with
more » ... management with various surgical modalities. Material and methods: The present study was conducted over a period of 4 years involving 125 female patients of recurrent urinary tract infection. Diagnosis was based on clinical and laboratory investigations. Patients underwent different surgical modalities for treatment. Recurrence rate of each of the treatment modality was established and analyzed. Result: 125 female patients with a mean age of 51 were enrolled in the study. Majority of patients i.e. 17.6% of patients presented with increased frequency of micturation as their chief complaint. Only 9.6% of patients presented urinary retention and straining. Maximum recurrence rate i.e. 89% was seen in patients with uretheral dilation. Conclusion: Treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection by urethral dilation is controversial as there is a high recurrence rate but still it is the most commonly performed treatment by urologists.