Self- Awareness of Emotions and its Relation to the Way of Helping of Kindergardens' Children

تقوى محمد خضير أ.م.د.زينب محمد كاطع
2019 Journal of College of Education for Women  
The self-awareness interactions reflects with emotions,assess the child in respect to its relations with the social standards; they are not merely simply reactions , but rather they connect with his moral behavior and other 's thinks. When the self- awareness gets developed with emotions within the child , the latter become highly sensitive, causing him prone to be blamed . AS a result , the children test the self –awareness interactions with emotions and in age 3 years , where the self
more » ... ss interactions with emotion clearly link to the self- assessment. The children in stage of kindergarten could not describe the self-awareness interactions accurately ; they test it under different circumstances in comparison to the youngest one. Based on the recommendations of emotionally child bringing up conference held in Cairo in 2007, it is necessitated to concern over the official and semi- official educational institutions that could have an emotion effect upon the child ; besides, the conference also confirmed to study the child emotionally and how to promote it for bringing up a new generation endowing with strong will and sincere ( Al-Hawarna- 2007). The study has indicated that the self-awareness with emotions and its integration with others have a relation to appear behavior problems within the children and having a big role on the psychological and social development for the children. The self-awareness with emotions has an important impact on the children for a success in life and for preserving the relations with the family and colleagues. If the children are not to be aware with their emotions , they will find difficulty in making decisions logically or to get integrated with others ; thus , they have an opportunity to response to the social attitudes to help others in correct ways and to avoid the decisions that lead to incorrect results( Elias and Weissber 2000). The two researchers have indicated that the child needs to learn some vocabularies indicating to emotions and feelings and reasons for such rea [...]
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