Axiological approach in reporting polish political issues in 1989–2005
Аксиологический подход в освещении политической проблематики Польши в 1989–2005 годах

Мария Васильевна Павлюх
2020 Studia Politologiczne  
The article explores the "post-communist syndrome" in the functioning of the Polish state. The analysis is carried out on the example of certain specific features of the political culture of Polish society: axiological, that is, the predominance of traditional moral values in public opinion. Axiologicality is a general area of Polish political journalism. The values and political problems in the context of morality are put first. The article analyzes the axiological aspects of the problem of
more » ... f the problem of coverage of the functioning of the Polish state 1989–2005 years. The analysis is carried out on the example of publications: "Tygodnik Powszechny" and "Niedziela". Socio-political communication of Polish journalism in problem-thematic content is investigated in thematic blocks ‒ several articles of Polish publications, united in one topic. The general analysis of the articles is carried out in such thematic blocks, which express the main problems of the Polish editions: "Solidarnost'" ‒ publications on the liberation movement in Poland, the organization Solidarnost'; "Postcommunist consciousness" is a thematic block whose main focus is on the critical rethinking of the communist past; "Contemporary Polish politics" is a discussion of the modern formation of the Polish state, structure, regime, modern politics, as well as the thematic block "Ecumenical combination" ‒ articles "Niedzieli", which promote the religious and national association of churches.
doi:10.33896/spolit.2020.56.9 fatcat:cbjqnkmcm5gtrluzosq6iepuku