The effect of Y on the microstructure and mechanical performance of an Mg-Al-Y casting alloy

K. Korgiopoulos, M. Pekguleryuz, Eva Unger
2021 Experimental Results  
Environmental gains of electric cars can be optimized with the use of lightweight and recyclable magnesium in the vehicle's structural components. Ductility improvement of low-density Mg-Al alloys will extend their use in automotive body applications. The authors achieved 63% ductility improvement in Mg-6wt%Al with trace Y (1.5 ppm) due to the β-phase refinement and predicted that higher levels would not perform as well. As predicted, 0.3wt% of Y addition investigated in this study led to lower
more » ... study led to lower mechanical performance and β-phase refinement than those obtained with trace additions. The tensile ductility and yield strength increased by ~13% and 16%, respectively, and the compression strain to fracture by ~22%. Scanning electron and optical microscopy, X-Rays diffraction, mechanical testing and thermodynamic calculations were used to investigate the effect of 0.3wt% Y on the microstructure of Mg-6wt%Al. The matrix dissolution revealed the close association of the Al2Y and the β-Mg17Al12 phases.
doi:10.1017/exp.2020.63 fatcat:5xwux6ok5vcbfafwmo6cmclhta