Evaluation on Service Quality of Railway Timetable

Tin-kin Ho, Yuqiang He
2008 Traffic and Transportation Studies   unpublished
From the business viewpoint, the railway timetable is a list of the products presented by the railway transportation operators to the customers, specifying the schedules of all the train services on a railway line or network. In order to evaluate the quality of the train service schedules, a number of indices are proposed in this paper. These indices primarily take the passengers' need into consideration, such as waiting time, transfer time and transport capacity. Delay rate is usually used in
more » ... is usually used in post-evaluation. In this study, we propose to give an evaluation on the probability that the scheduled train services are likely to be delayed and the recovery ability of the timetable after delay has occurred. The evaluation identifies the possible problems in the services, such as excessive waiting time, non-seamless transfer, and high possibility of delay. This paper also discusses the improvement of these problems through certain adjustment on the timetable. The indices for evaluation and adjustment method are then applied to a case study on the Hu-Ning-Hang railway in China, followed by the discussions of the merits of the proposed indices for timetable evaluation and improvement method.
doi:10.1061/40995(322)64 fatcat:xenyru3ijvgyfec3jjwfeikviq