Mode emission properties of semiconductor microdisk and microring lasers

Tsin Dong Lee, Po Hsiu Cheng, Jin S. Pan, Kuochou Tai, YinChieh Lai, Kai-Feng Huang, Seng Tiong Ho, Yan Zhou, Weng W. Chow, Yasuhiko Arakawa
1999 Photonics Technology into the 21st Century: Semiconductors, Microstructures, and Nanostructures  
We have successfully fabricated optically pumped semiconductor micro-disk and micro-ring lasers under the InGaAsP/InGaAs system at the 1 .5jtm wavelength and under the InGaP/InGaA1P system at the 0.66 tm wavelength. The spontaneous emission factor ofthese micro-lasers is estimated directly from their output-pump curves and its dependence on the cavity volume is verified. Interesting phenomena regarding the far-field emission pattern and lasing linewidth of these micro-cavity lasers are experimentally observed and theoretically studied.
doi:10.1117/12.369400 fatcat:lx77kdq7zndxhfc2gudyot5jju