Cleanup Sketched Drawings: Deep Learning-Based Model

Amal Ahmed Hasan Mohammed, Jiazhou Chen, Fahd Abd Algalil
2022 Applied Bionics and Biomechanics  
Rough drawings provide artists with a simple and efficient way to express shapes and ideas. Artists frequently use sketches to highlight their envisioned curves, using several groups' raw strokes. These rough sketches need enhancement to remove some subtle impurities and completely simplify curves over the sketched images. This research paper proposes using a fully convolutional network (FCNN) model to simplify rough raster drawings using deep learning. As input, the FCNN takes a sketch image
more » ... any size and automatically generates a high-quality simplified sketch image as output. Our model intuitively addresses the shortcomings in the rough sketch image, such as noises and unwanted background, as well as the low resolution of the rough sketch image. The FCNN model is trained by three raster image datasets, which are publicly available online. This paper demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of using deep learning in cleaning and improving the roughly drawn image in an automatic way. For evaluating the results, the mean squared error (MSE) metric was used. From experimental results, it was observed that an enhanced FCNN model reported better accuracy, reducing the prediction error by 0.08 percent for simplifying the rough sketch compared to the existing methods.
doi:10.1155/2022/2238077 pmid:35578715 pmcid:PMC9107365 fatcat:5wjndf4nbfhfva3wrjrroku6vy