Antibacterial Activity of Lactoferrin: A Review

Parkar, Jadhav, Pimpliskar
2015 Human Journals Review Article September   unpublished
Milk is a highest quality source of well balanced nutrients and also displays a range of biological activities that affects digestion, metabolic responses to absorbed nutrients, growth & development of specific organs, and resistance to disease. Bioactive proteins such as lactoferrin (Lf) have been isolated over decades ago and showed their importance in stimulating immune system in the infants through breast milk in addition to immunoglobulin present in the milk. In addition to immune system
more » ... imulation, Lf also has antibacterial activity and antioxidant activity in infant and adult of human as well as animal health. In this review paper, antibacterial properties of lactoferrin have been discussed along with its future perspectives.