High speed optical receiver design [thesis]

Nam Tuan Dang
This thesis investigates the design of an optical preamplifier suitable for operation at 565 Mbit/s and at a wavelength of 1550 nm. Several design issues are examined ,namely the use of either an APD or a PIN, a high impedance or transimpedance configuration, a fet or bipolar front end, a cascode or shunt feedback second stage. Different amplifier configurations are studied and their performance compared. The transimpedance amplifier is chosen for it wide dynamic range and good sensitivity. The
more » ... three stage transimpedance circuit is analyzed in terms of its poles and zeros in order to determine the maximum feedback resistance for a certain phase margin. A preamplifier was designed, built and tested. The pole-zero analysis also reveals that the feedback resistor can be increased significantly without a severe degradation of stability and bandwith if a fourth stage is added to the three stage receiver. The receiver sensitivity is thus significantly increased.
doi:10.26190/unsworks/5052 fatcat:t7q5blqjwjaubphntdferdvkiq