Tumor-Associated Macrophage Status in Cancer Treatment

Anna Maria Malfitano, Simona Pisanti, Fabiana Napolitano, Sarah Di Somma, Rosanna Martinelli, Giuseppe Portella
2020 Cancers  
Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) represent the most abundant innate immune cells in tumors. TAMs, exhibiting anti-inflammatory phenotype, are key players in cancer progression, metastasis and resistance to therapy. A high TAM infiltration is generally associated with poor prognosis, but macrophages are highly plastic cells that can adopt either proinflammatory/antitumor or anti-inflammatory/protumor features in response to tumor microenvironment stimuli. In the context of cancer therapy,
more » ... anticancer therapeutics, apart from their direct effect on tumor cells, display different effects on TAM activation status and density. In this review, we aim to evaluate the indirect effects of anticancer therapies in the modulation of TAM phenotypes and pro/antitumor activity.
doi:10.3390/cancers12071987 pmid:32708142 fatcat:7n5nvdkvmzcupca4iomyoktyt4