Review/ reseña Preying upon Hitchcock? Five Directors in Search of a Transnational Aura

Donna Latin, Hitchcock How Almodóvar, Diana Jorza, Pedro Almodóvar, Alejandro Amenábar, Alex De La Iglesia, Guillermo Del Toro, Juan Campanella
2016 unpublished
Embarking upon a study of Hitchcock's influence is a daunting task, given the director's canonic place in film history, his profound, long-standing impact on filmmakers, and the prodigious amount of bibliography available worldwide, yet Donna Kercher does not shy away from the ambitious challenge of tracing Hitchcock's imprint on three Spanish and two Latin American film directors, whose notoriety has transcended their respective national borders. While her book strongly relies on an
more » ... es on an acknowledged auteurist approach, supported by a sophisticated close film analysis, the overarching aim of her laborious enterprise is to address the broader issue of Hitchcock's reception in the Spanish-speaking world and of how these five directors (