Quelques considérations relatives à l'intégration des travailleurs immigrants en Roumanie

Brînduşa Marian
Work force free movement in the European Union has become the fourth pillar of the Common Market since 1968. Even at that moment analysis were done concerning the impact that free movement can have on European Union member-states. The studies done up until present show that work force free movement has brought about changes at the level of EU member states from a demographic point of view as well as a economic and social one. Free movement of work force takes into considerations both the
more » ... ons both the emigrations and immigrations phenomena. The studies in Romania so far have stressed out mostly the element of emigration of Romanian citizens due to more accentuated economic and social effects. However, we consider that the immigration phenomenon can not be neglected taking into account the fact that Romania lacks qualified work force and that birth rate is dropping. The social, economic conditions and the legislative provisions in this moment lead to a transition period of our country towards immigrants and the problems immigrants face in the process of integration, as presented in the scholarly literature.