Spreading across Boundaries: Coronavirus and Computer Virus

2020 International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education  
With the new coronavirus spreading from person to person (including from people without symptoms), reaching four continents and every island nation, and traveling faster than SARS, driving it out of existence is looking increasingly unlikely. Actually, the same might be (and has been) said about the state of computer viruses and malware. Everything's going to be different, on the other side of thiswhether this is our body health or computer health. What, really, are the similarities and
more » ... arities and differences between the effects of that one wordviruson human biological systems and our digital computing systems? This essay addresses issues that we should be aware of.
doi:10.20431/2349-0381.0712005 fatcat:2cxi7as3d5hmbnj5y4y3eaqfj4