The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, March 30, 1927] [article]

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BEMroKDfflesWQffX ENTOMIIEDliyEmflSIOIdU PENMUCOyilE 'r -7Ŝ uolli Fork. Fa, March iwmi .150 ami MW mnwra mere ► tomlH-.! aad a nanihrr ol »orkmrn ' ikr .urla.r killed thi. allrrno.Ni nhrn a trrn;.c rat.lo.Km ^N'rad death and dr.trwiKm tbirmch Mine NO. J «| the Frnii >l.ania Coal and t <*e C i-enter the bU.t^n work ing. 1. it u mkl. ««»"»rte ar. .i-reT^n, he ta. n^y^" •" f»n year. PHMiSOKfltm fWsflrMTi: MEWOmw ^ Rail at nrrwf.. o."" w Ottawa «.t«^ VTT: "* «■ ... o i> HMi. wa. kn had been ad.<
more » ... in the mine The entire day Aift ..I minrri. together with whm eatra men, were in the working, when bU.t oeeurred. Sooth Fork rocked Mlnre boddmg a. »a> blonn down. r the mine memth 0ISCA5C prevaunt IW diamond field Lond..n. March JO-Terrible condi-* bon. ot .tanratmo and dmeaw at the •col) pegged dujBond fwld at Lil-V Menburg ad deacrihcd in a Capel nm drqwich to the Daily Mad Urge nnmher. of perKm._______ ehtWren. the di.patch ,r, dying af le.rr and th.mund> ..i digge .
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