Overcoming Strength-Ductility Trade-Off at Cryogenic Temperature of Low Carbon Low Alloy Steel via Controlling Retained Austenite Stability

Xuelin Wang, Zhenjia Xie, Chengjia Shang, Gang Han
2021 Metals  
Stress–strain behavior of a low carbon low alloy multiphase steel with ferrite, tempered bainite, and retained austenite was studied at different cryogenic temperatures. Results indicated that both strength and ductility were enhanced with decreasing tensile testing temperature. The enhancement of both strength and ductility was attributed to the decreased mechanical stability of retained austenite with decreasing temperature, resulting in sufficient transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) effect for increasing work hardening rate.
doi:10.3390/met11010157 fatcat:oxha74y52rcwjj7p34x57ewqsa