Wa(ll) : A wall of Curious Interactions

Jinki Hong
The current model of housing is ill-suited to address the epidemic of loneliness and isolation. The top – down approaches to the built environment serialize the social needs of the urban metropolis as an issue of density. As such, the housing has turned to a highly marketable and easily organized model of tower housing. However, highly organizational models struggle to design for the nuanced and messy aspects of social interactions, resulting in an overly isolative and oppressive form of
more » ... Architecture can no longer afford a typology that discourages means of spontaneous interaction. Instead, this project argues for a dwelling that encourages connections in the form of co-op housing. Designing for a non-isolative privacy and interactions of curiosity, it positions the wall at the center as means to develop relationships. Therefore, it is a reaction against the isolative wall typical to the current forms of tower housing. The project aims to redefine the wall as an interface for curious interactions that facilitate engagement with one's neighbor.
doi:10.14288/1.0406151 fatcat:itwmkdojtnd3ppx3u5slal26l4