Deliverable D6.1 Integration, pilot set-up, human centric applications and validation plan

Yolanda Fernández, Javier Moreno, Javier Renart, Mickael Maman, Haeyoung Lee, François Carrez, Dima Hadiwardoyo, Henrique Carvalho, Joao Pinheiro, Phil Reiter, Vasilis Maglogiannis, Dries Naudts (+15 others)
2022 Zenodo  
This document provides a DEDICAT 6G platform integration overview including logical perspective based on inputs from WP2 and components perspective based on inputs from WP3, WP4 and WP5. The logical overview presents briefly a common DEDICAT 6G architecture which was described in D2.2 [1] and D2.3 [2]. Regarding the components overview, it summarizes the different mechanisms for supporting dynamic distribution of intelligence shown in D3.1 [3], the different mechanisms for dynamic coverage and
more » ... onnectivity presented in D4.1 [4] and the different mechanisms for security, privacy and trust depicted in D5.1 [5]. Four use cases are proposed in DEDICAT 6G: 1. Smart warehousing covers the trustworthy automated real-time monitoring, surveillance, and optimized operation of a warehouse; 2. Enhanced experience provides live streaming applications that use enhanced data overlay in 360º, Augmented Reality (AR) applications and Virtual Reality (VR); 3. Public safety (Public Protection and Disaster Relief, PPDR) aims to showcase how resilience of critical communications can be enforced through DEDICAT 6G solutions and how human security can be protected in extreme situations; 4. Smart highway demonstrates how connected and autonomous mobility can benefit from Beyond 5G (B5G) and 6G connectivity. This deliverable focuses on the initial integration of the mechanisms developed in WP3, WP4 and WP5 into an overall working system presenting the different scenarios and detailed stories. Each use case presents different stories where the main actors are described, and the new technologies are presented in order to fulfil the DEDICAT 6G requirements. Furthermore, the human centric applications/services offered to the end users are described. For each scenario, the pilot setup is presented describing the different hardware & software elements which will be integrated in the use case setup plan. Regarding the use case architecture, the DED [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6780080 fatcat:vsuxxsktsveh5f6fxusdh3xwqq