Optimal Modelling of (1 + α) Order Butterworth Filter under the CFE Framework

Shibendu Mahata, Rajib Kar, Durbadal Mandal
2020 Fractal and Fractional  
This paper presents the optimal rational approximation of (1+α) order Butterworth filter, where α ∊ (0,1) under the continued fraction expansion framework, by employing a new cost function. Two simple techniques based on the constrained optimization and the optimal pole-zero placements are proposed to model the magnitude-frequency response of the fractional-order lowpass Butterworth filter (FOLBF). The third-order FOLBF approximants achieve good agreement to the ideal characteristic for six
more » ... des of design bandwidth. Circuit realization using the current feedback operational amplifier is presented, and the modelling efficacy is validated in the OrCAD PSPICE platform.
doi:10.3390/fractalfract4040055 fatcat:whljtvnbkraupkwtodqj6mxydq